Bell Hooks Art On My Mind Summary

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When most people think about art, the first thing to come to mind would usually be paintings that are hung up in a museum. Unless you really understand the value of art you may not believe me when I say the value of art is essential to the well being of free individuals. This idea can be supported by Bell Hooks story named “ Art On My Mind”. Her story starts off explaining her childhood and her quest to understand art. Ms. Hooks was able to paint beautiful pictures at a youthful age as noted by her art teacher Mr. Harold. Her family did not think art was a genuine approach to make your living and never considered Bell's talent important. Even though Hooks’ parents never supported her talent for art her art teacher continued to encourage her. During that time school just became desegregated, so even though Mr. Harold ( who is white) seemed as if he was ok with being around colored people, Hooks did not feel as if she can fully believe everything he has to say since she was taught that white people were not able to understand black lives. Besides Mr. Harold, Hooks had some one else to talk about art with which was her sister G.. The conversation started off when she asked “what she thinks about art, and more importantly what she thinks most black folks are thinking about art.” And she responds with “ art is just too far away from our lives, that art is something in order to enjoy and know it, it takes work.” This shows that black people do not believe that working to enjoy

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