Essay on Bell Hooks' Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black

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In her book Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black, bell hooks describes how she helps her students find their voice within her classroom.She discusses her use of authority to enable her students.For her, teacher authority is a necessary part of helping her students find their voices:

Another important issue for me has been that each student participates in classroom discussion, that each student has a voice.This is a practice I think is important not because every student has something valuable to say (this is not always so), but often students who do have meaningful comments to contribute are silent. In my classes, everyoneís voice is heard as students read paragraphs which may explore a particular issue.The do not have the
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- Ultimately, Gary felt that the decision he had made to join a fraternity was not constructive, that I ìhad taught him opennessî where the fraternity had encouraged one-dimensional allegianceÖThrough critical thinking ­ a process he learned by reading theory and actively analyzing texts ­ Gary experienced education as the practice of freedom.His final comments about me: ìGloria had only mentioned the entire episode once after it was over, and this to tell me simply that there are many kinds of choices, many kinds of logic.I could make those
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