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Should Bella Healthcare India take on Project TKO and develop an EKG specifically for the local market? Why or why not? TKO, “Technical Knockout”, is single channel EKG, Bella Healthcare India is planning to launch in Indian market. As per my opinion, Bella has many reasons to take up this opportunity. I will categorise these reasons in two broad categories, External and Internal factors. First external factor that affects decision of Bella to take TKO is large population of India with insufficient health care services. India’s population is large and growing but healthcare facilities are not growing with the same rate. Also most of the medical facilities of the country are concentrated in urban areas, leaving rural area with…show more content…
To tackle these issues Bella has defined its third design principle of ‘ease-to-use’. This will make TKO weight 2 Kg. or less and one touch operating device so that physicians could handle it with minimum training. Indian villages still face electricity issues and Bella is will provide solution to this problem by giving battery operated device. Bella is addressing issue of unavailability of trained physicians with its fourth design principle ‘connectivity’. This design feature will help physician to transmit data wirelessly to cardiac speciality centres and work with general practitioners to diagnose the issue. Thus these four design principles will help Bella to address all the key issues of heart disease diagnosis equipments. In addition to the new wireless data transfer feature, Bella’s design team is exploring the possibility of adding DICOM feature in TKO. Even though DICOM feature is not critical in near future, it will help Bella to differentiate its product from GE’s similar product and will give upper hand in marketing the device. Now, let’s concentrate on internal factors. Bella healthcare India, part of global organisation, has its own strengths, which will lead it to the successful handling of TKO. First strength of the company is its India head Joseph Cherian, who has handled initial set up of Bella India and successfully leaded the production

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