Bella Storm Alternate Ending

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Bella Storm walked down the sidewalk, waving to passersby, petting familiar dogs. Bella surveyed her town, she knew it well. Bella had lived in this town since she was born. She was walking down Bluebird Avenue when she came across something strange. An old, worn-down building, with peeling paint and crumbling bricks. Bella was puzzled, she’d never seen anything like this before. She walked up to the building and tentatively knocked on the door. “Anybody there?” she asked. No answer. Bella creaked the door open. Inside there was what looked like a library...but with empty shelves, all except one, On the one shelf, the one book, was glimmering mysteriously. She walked toward the book and picked it up. As soon as she did, she heard a whisper.…show more content…
She looked down and saw a girl trying to rip away the vines that had intertwined her arms. “What--what happened? Who are you? What are you doing here?” “Shush!” The girl exclaimed. “Yelling will make it worse. I’m trying to help. No questions. My name is Alice, and you have to return the book now!” Alice was thrown onto the floor by the vines that had finally come undone. She pulled the book from Bella’s hands and shut it over the crawling vines. “Return the book. It’s evil. You should have never entered Mr. Linden’s library!” Bella knew she didn’t have much time to give back the book. “Okay Alice, I know I need to get the book back. Come with me to the library.” “Well…..all right. But come on, we don’t have much time left!” Bella grabbed the book and ran out of the house, Alice hot on her heels. The sun was setting, and she didn’t want to get caught in the dark. She skidded to a stop as she saw the beaten-down building. Grabbing the doorknob, it wouldn’t twist. Bella frowned, and tried to twist the doorknob. It wouldn’t move. She looked at Alice for help, and she tugged on the doorknob too. Nothing. Alice suddenly fell to the ground and turned
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