Bellagio Casino Resort Case

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Case 3: Controls at the Bellagio Casino Resort Bas Bode s0177784 Group A9 Odmar Hannink s0169536 Datum 23 September 2011 Niels Wifbold s0171719 The Bellagio Casino Resort (BCR) is one of the 23 properties of MGM MIRAGE and widely recognized as one of the premier casino resorts in the world. Beside entertainments options like an expansive pool and a world-class spa there is a large casino area which contains 2,409 coin-operated gaming devices and 143 game tables. Just as in most companies in this industry the casino area is leaded as a separated profit centre (Merchant, Van der Stede, 2007, P.153-155) In this case we’ll discuss the control systems used in the BCR. 1. Prepare a list of all controls applied to the table…show more content…
They indoctrinate their employees to handle always in favour of this vision. | 2. Characterize the way each of the main job positions in the case (blackjack dealer, pit boss, vice president of table games) is being controlled as ‘tight’ or ‘loose’ ‘Management control systems (MCS) can be described in terms of tightness or looseness. The tighter a MCS is, the higher the degree of certainty that employees act as the organization wishes.’ ‘The achievement of tight results control depends on characteristics of the definitions of the desired result areas, the performance measures, and the reinforcements or incentives provided’ (Merchant, Van der Stede, 2007, P.118) Blackjack dealer The blackjack dealer has several tasks. He’s responsible for taking the losing wager and paying the winning wager, dealing the cards but also for giving the customer a premier experience by acting gentle and smooth. Mostly because of the dealers deal with a lot of money BSC wants to control them tightly in order to prevent them form stealing. Because of the fact that the drop box (the box where the dealers put the money and coins in) is only cleared once a day there isn’t a daily, tight individual result control on this (because in a day, more than one dealer uses the same drop box). Secondly they the
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