Bellagio Controls Essay

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Individual reflection #2: Controls at the Bellagio Casino Resort What controls do they have and why? MGM MIRAGE maintained stringent controls on the recording of all receipts and disbursements. In the (Bellagio) casino, these controls included: - Locked cash boxes on the casino floor; - Daily cash and coin counts performed by employees who were independent of casino operations; - Constant observation and supervision of the gaming area; - Observation and recording of gaming and other areas by closed-circuit television; - Timely analysis of deviations from expected performance; - Constant computer monitoring of slot machines. These controls help to ensure that cash operations are going well. The company’s businesses were also subject to…show more content…
Results controls: - Value attendance. Dealers with perfect attendance over a six-month period earn an extra vacation day. - Bellagio dealers were paid well. They earned a base wage of only $6.15 per hour, total compensation was usually in the range of $85,000–$100,000 per year - 20 minutes break each hour (job mentally and physically taxing) Culture controls: - Group rewards : tips were shared equally among all dealers - The casino is seen as a desirable place to work Action controls: - Behavioral constraints : separation of duties : ‘floor supervisors’, ‘pit managers’, ‘shift managers’ - Action accountability : individual accountability for cash and (cash equivalent) stocks - Administrative constraints: strict rules for the dealer to follow when advancing the chips in the amount of the marker to the customer. Everything is processed under surveillance cameras. Cash controls: formal procedures for transfers of cash; strict controls over credit issuance; Tight control in the count rooms. b) The black-jack pit boss Action controls for pit managers (also called pit bosses): - Behavioral control : physical control such as signing the table inventory sheet - No access to the computer system recording the inventory sheets - Separation of duties : when opening a new table, the mix of chips is approved by other people through a computer terminal - No access to the keys of the padlock containing the drop boxes - Security guards controlling the operations The pit boss has to
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