Bellamy Blake Research Paper

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The night was on Friday the 13th, and like every other 18 year old boy that just got their independence and just moved out of their parents home, Bellamy Blake was watching all of scary movies and crime shows on Netflix instead of putting all of his clothes, video games, dishes, and food away.
Being as comfy as possible Bellamy wrapped himself up in a small christmas blanket and had per made all of the food that he would need for the next 24 hours. Mostly focusing on the main dish for movies, popcorn, Bellamy had made enough to be hands deep in super buttery popcorn. Since Bellamy had already watched four scary movies so far, he began to get . The only things he could think of was how someone could get hurt tonight, not wanting to be one of
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Throwing and pushing all the boxes and clothes piles on to the path behind him trying to buy time to get further from the suited men. Through this panicking moment Bellamy’s heart started to race and he starting to sweat his mind going through all sorts of options of how to get away, but the only one he could think of was the front door, which was in the hole other direction that Bellamy was…show more content…
Still feeling the hunger Bellamy pulled out his toaster from underneath the cupboard and set the dial to 3 and slipped in two pieces of bread. Waiting for a few minutes Bellamy continued to watch his scary movies and crime shows until he heard the ding of the toast popping out of the toaster. Having nothing else in the fridge Bellamy grabbed on of the jars of jelly that he just bought a slathered a good layer on top of each piece, craving the delicious golden brown white toast. Swiping away the popcorn mess from his recliner Bellamy sat down continued to watch his shows and chewing down on the jelly
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