Belle Fleurs Business Analysis

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Business Plan Idea The business that I have chosen is called Belle Fleurs. Customers have the opportunity to buy handcrafted bouquets, cards, or just beautiful flowers. It was delegated the name Belle Fleurs because flowers in French is fleurs. Belle means beautiful as well. This idea of a small flower shop came as a sudden inspiration to me. I have always had an admiration towards flowers. I felt that there was room in the florist in industry, which made me realize it would be a good idea to create a flower shop. I have taken a variety of courses that may help me achieve the goal of this business. Business Concepts, Personal Finance, Accounting and now Entrepreneurship show that I am capable of pursuing this business. I have a few objectives for this store that will help us succeed. One of our goals is that we break even the first year. This may seem like an ambitious goal but we are very driven and feel that we are capable of doing it. When the first year is over we would like to minimize the manufacturing cost by 10%. This could help bring the cost of making the product down so that our profit margin will go up. Our company would also like to maximize the consumer satisfaction. We would like to have 85% of our customers be satisfied. The reason that we have picked this number is because not everyone will be happy with the product because consumers may have different reasons that they dislike the product that we can not change. We will try our best to

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