Belle: The Disney Princess

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While their is still an overlying theme of a young, beautiful woman feeling trapped in her unfortunate situation, we find her less focused on wishing, and more determined to find her own way out. There is also a significant change when it comes to the villain of the story; instead of pitting innocent princess against evil queen, our antagonist has because a man, a symbol of the oppressive patriarchy that was finally coming into the light. Rather than waiting to be saved, these princesses use their talents and abilities to defeat their foes, and find love based on who they are, not for how they look. Belle, the first transitional princess, isn’t actually a princess at all, but in fact a peasant who is being pursued by dastardly, yet handsome,…show more content…
Along with stronger and more robust melodies, came lyrics about change, bravery, and inspiration. While love and longing still weigh heavily on the heart of a princess, other themes are increasingly included in lyric narrative. Standing on the top of a mountain, Belle belts out a ballad of hope, saying, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere; I want it more than I can tell.” (Beauty and The Beast, Walt Disney Co, 1991). Rather than searching for a man, Belle is searching for a life bigger than what she has been given. Similarly, Pocahontas longs to live beyond her village, as we see in the lyrics, “I look once more just around the river bend; Beyond the shore where the gulls fly free; Don’t know what for what I dream the day might send; Just around the river bend for me, coming for me.” (Pocahontas, Walt Disney Co, 1995). Jasmine sings about finding new worlds, and Mulan learns to become a soldier to the words of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” The Transitional Princess was only a stepping stone for the modern, feminist princess we are starting to recognize in the 2000’s. After a long hiatus from producing princess movies, Disney came back strong with a new kind of Princess. Determined, hard working, and uninterested in a male partner, we have the princesses of today: Merida, Elsa, and Moana. As was seen in the past, several key aspects of the story line have
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