Belonging- Connections to Place

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Belonging Essay 2011 HSC Question Question 3 (15 marks) Explore how perceptions of belonging and not belonging can be influenced by connections to places. In your response, refer to your prescribed text and at least ONE other related text of your own choosing. The prescribed texts are listed on the next page. Word Length: 1200 words A sense of belonging is an essential part of the human condition; it is a desire shared by all. Belonging refers to the ability of an individual to fit in a specified place or environment. This may include fitting in with a group of people, fitting in with society or fitting in with a physical place. All individuals have their own unique perception of belonging and not belonging, based on a number of factors. One of…show more content…
The impact of connection or disconnection to places on an individualʼs perception of belonging is also perceivable in the line “We may inhale despair”. Through the use of of low modality in the verb ʻmayʼ, Dickinson portrays possibility and uncertainty, depicting the different perception and reception that each text may receive. In this way, Dickinson conveys her negative perception of belonging due to her lack of connection with her place as a writer, as her uncertainty blatantly expresses the lack of confidence she has in herself writing properly. Nevertheless, Dickinson also explores how a positive perception of belonging can also be achieved through connecting with her place as a writer in this line. The use of the verb “inhale” communicates the human condition, as all humans need to inhale to survive. Therefore, the persona is connecting with her place as a human in society as she is united through the human experience, therefore promoting a positive perception of belonging. This connectedness to place in made clearer through the use of the inclusive pronoun “We”, which signifies unity rather than solidarity, and indicates the personaʼs warm perception of belonging due to connecting with her place as a person. The influence of connection to place in regards to an individualʼs perception of belonging is also explored in a similar manner in Sean Ascroftʼs 2006 short film, The Story of Bubble
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