Belonging Crucible Miller and Amish

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The nature of mankind can arguably be described as one’s wish to develop a sense of acceptance or connection to something or someone. This desire to be accepted can be described as one’s wish to ‘belong’. Belonging describes the state in which someone finally reaches an affinity, whether it may be physical, emotional or otherwise with an entity, that may be a community, place or ideal. The importance of being accepted to belong can be observed in the playwright ‘The crucible’ by Arthur Miller. In the play the hysteria that arises from accusations of witchcraft creates a chaotic situation in which the status of one’s self determines their acceptance in the community of Salem. Similarly, in the documentary ‘The devil’s playground’, different…show more content…
The way in which velda’s parents shun her so easily is ironic since parents generally provide the upmost sense of belonging in an individual’s life. If Velda did give up the English world her parents and the community would welcome her with open arms. IN this case her parents show no support and are assertive that those who continue to play with fire by associating in deviant activities are ‘damned’ to hellfire; also seen in the crucible. This easily point out how one needs to be accepted to attain the next step of belonging. It can also be observed throughout the documentary through Faron’s story the extent of sacrifice one has to do to achieve a place of acceptance. For the amish clothing, lifestyle, beliefs and values creates a sense of community. The English world is at a difffernt level where it gives ones the opportunity to live a hedonistic life. Faron is submissive into the hedonism of the English world, at one stage becoming a drug dealer. He is unsure where he belongs as he enjoys the freedom of the English world but appreciates the positive qualities of the amish. The conflict has him unwilling to give up either and he needs to detach from his self identity to live in either world; ‘im not English and im not just me’. IN prisoner of society, the living end propose the sense of personal struggle for teenagers to conform to what the public expects. Like the devils playground, the title metaphorically proposes the subject. Through

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