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‘An individual’s interaction with others and the world around them can enrich or limit their experience of belonging.” Discuss this view with detailed reference ( 2010 HSC Question) Considered a fundamental aspect of being human, belonging is an ambiguous concept which can offer individuals a sense of identity, security and connectedness. Experiences of belonging are closely related to a person’s interaction with others, as positive experiences can enrich their sense of belonging, and negative experiences can limit their sense of belonging. An individual’s limited experience of belonging through their inability to positively interact with others can often incite them to reject the majority through acts of defiance, self-alienation and…show more content…
This is further reinforced in his character’s name, “A-lex”, which literally means ‘without law’, showcasing that Alex is a character with a “law unto himself”. This choice of character’s name, coupled with the intimate close-up, demonstrates that he does not care for positive interactions within society and this therefore limits his sense of belonging to the group, but enhances his sense of belonging to himself. Alex’s psychological thirst to rebel is glorified and represented by the non-diegetic musical underscore of Ludwig van Beethoven’s ninth symphony, a piece which reiterates ironically throughout the entirety of the film as a recurring motif of violence. The symphony is heard primarily in the scenes in which Alex is deep in sadistic thought, which is ironic in that Beethoven meant to convey human goodness through its four movements, further demonstrating the protagonist’s desire for negative interactions with others, leading to limited experiences of belonging. What Beethoven meant to convey is vastly different to what Alex hears, and this also displays that his sense of security to himself allows him to commit evil towards the community and therefore develops a barrier to belonging to the community. Enriched experiences of belonging, on the other hand, are often initiated at birth with a person’s interactions within their family, as is it

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