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HSC STUDY BUDDY 1 ADVANCED ENGLISH CONTENTS PAGE: BELONGING BELONGING ESSAY – PAGES 2-­‐3 BELONGING SHORT STORY – PAGES 4-­‐5 1 BELONGING ESSAY Perceptions of, and attitudes towards belonging are varied and complex, with individuals shaped by their social, historical and cultural contexts. Despite being inherent, a sense of belonging may be experienced through an array of affiliations with people, places and events which enrich feelings of acceptance, understanding and thus create an…show more content…
In an attempt to spread his ecstasy to other’s despair filled lives, the protagonist invents a product, ironically called ‘bliss’. This changes people’s perceptions, however, as an unforseen consequence he loses a significant aspect of himself; his identity. Akin to The Lost Thing, belonging is depicted as a process which creates a monotonous world through the low saturation of colours in the medium panning shot of the city. The absence of dialogue accentuates that conformity leads to the dehumanisation of humans, a notion heightened through the ominous synthetic music. Paradoxically, once the protagonist creates a product utilising his individuality and is labelled the “GREATEST INVENTOR EVER!” the close up of his despondent facial 2 HSC STUDY BUDDY 3 expression conveys feelings of marginalisation and unacceptance. This notion of seclusion is articulated through the medium shot of an empty

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