Belonging Involves Conforming and a Loss of Identity - Expository Essay

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The foundation of belonging is often associated with the loss of a person’s individuality. Indeed, as the construction of one’s identity is highly intricate and ever – changing, several authorities often considers its development to be associated with our relationships. From this, it can be shown that belonging can be associated with the degradation of one’s identity. Such impact can be explained through the reality that in order to belong, we must share similar characteristics or identity with that group however this can involve enhancing character’s identity. Nonetheless, due to its complexities, for some, belonging can threaten a person’s identity and individuality. In order to belong – we must share similar characteristic to a…show more content…
Teenagers however are often ostracized for being different and this results to the conformity of many children and the foreclosing on uniqueness and individuality. In cases of children, belonging is usually not associated with the degradation of identity. This may not be the case with older people as it is a lot more complicated and sometimes conforming may be the only way to belong. We must consider times at which belonging can threaten an individualised identity. For some, the only way to belong is to conform to expectations, losing personal ideologies as a result. In the book The Absolute True Diary of a Part – Time Indian, Junior is a perfect example of conforming in order to belong. Junior is just a poor Indian reservation kid who dreams of a better life and takes action by attending an all – white private school in Reardan. He is considered as a ‘traitor’ by his people and doesn’t find much hope when “somewhere on the road to Reardan, [he] became something less than Indian. And once [he] arrived at Reardan, [he] became something less than less than less than Indian.” Junior struggle to fit is exacerbated when the Indian people where he once belonged no longer accepts him as he has left them for the white people. The trouble is, he didn’t belong in the all white school either as his “life [was] a constant struggle between being an individual and being a member of the

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