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The need to belong in an integral part of the human psyche. All people, on some level, desire to feel a sense of belonging that will emerge from the connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. Belonging cannot be achieved without an understanding of oneself and their surroundings.
Belonging encompasses many different themes, several of which are explored in Romulus My Father. Throughout Romulus My Father the characters are either developing or not developing, an understanding of themselves and their surroundings through the connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. That is the characters are either developing or not developing a sense of belonging. The
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They share a deep connection from the time spent together alone at Frogmore. Romulus says to a friend that “My son is everything to me.” This is similar to the relationship between Chris and Christopher in The Pursuit of Happiness. Shortly after Chris’ wife leaves him she picks Christopher up from day care but instead of bringing him home at six o’clock, like they had arranged, she keeps him for the night. Chris confronts his wife the next day saying “Hey, don’t you ever take my son away from me again. You hear me? … Don’t you take my son away from me again.” Chris, like Romulus, feels that he belongs with his son and from this belonging he is able to overcome the many obstacles he faces in life as a single father. Although there is no filial theme explored in the song the World at Large, the line “I like songs about drifters - books about the same. They both seem to make me feel a little less insane.” Indicates that for the songwriter, a sense of belonging is found in people that are similar to him, through the connections he has with other people.
As Bourne is searching for information of his past he learns that he lived in Paris. At once he knows this is true, and from this understanding a sense of belonging to a place, Paris, began to emerge. He then travels to Paris, which is the setting for the majority of the text. When Marie says to Bourne, that they should leave Paris, that they could start another life somewhere else, he replies

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