Belonging - 'We Are Going'

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- ‘BELONGING’ - Question: What does the Oodgeroo Noonuccal poem ‘We Are Going’ have to say about Belonging and Not Belonging? How does the poet use language forms, features and structures to convey ideas and feelings? The poem ‘We Are Going’ by Oodgeroo Noonuccal is about the displacement of the Aboriginal people in Australian society/culture and their confusion about where or what to belong to as their traditional customs are taken away/forgotten. The text raises the issues and themes of ‘Belonging’ through a mostly-‘defeated’ tone as it shows their loss of tradition and culture in the new Australia. In order to create a sense of sympathy and consideration for the Aboriginal people, the poet uses a range of language forms and…show more content…
As the final line states, “And We Are Going”, the writer is not only stressing that their race or clan is becoming extinct, but also that the traditional Indigenous customs and traditions and being forgotten. These are a part of the Aboriginal culture and a
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