Belongingness And Uniqueness In The Classroom

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In spite of the varied conceptualization of inclusion, the philosophy of inclusion is largely rooted in meeting the educational needs of all students instead of particular groups of students in an equitable manner and inclusively within their natural environment. Shore et al. (2011) identified belongingness and uniqueness as two important components of inclusion. They argued that the success of inclusivity depends on treating individuals as insiders and allowing them to retain their unique identity within a working group. Farrell (2016) emphasized this by pointing out that how inclusive the school system is depends on the extent to which students are welcomed and accepted by other students and staff, and are able to actively participate in school activities, and their ability to successfully gain academic and social skills.

Differentiated instruction
An inclusive classroom contains students with different forms of diversities who may differ from each other in terms of readiness levels, interests, skills, intellectual abilities, disabilities, learning styles and so on (Salar, & Turgut, 2015). The educational
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16). The ZPD links what the learner knows already to the unknown. Accordingly, teaching instructions must consider what the learner already knows before introducing him/her to a new skill or a new knowledge (Subban, 2006). Such instructions must place the students at the centre of the learning process by tapping into their interest to evoke intrinsic motivation as well as addressing the differences in readiness and learning preferences (Maeng & Bell, 2015). Hall (2002) asserts that the purpose of differentiation in classroom is to maximize the growth and success of every student by meeting and assisting them in the learning
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