Beloved : A Reconstruction Of Our Past

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Karla Ximena Leyte
Professor John Crossley
Short Close Reading Paper #2
November 20, 2015 Beloved: A reconstruction of our past
Beloved by Toni Morrison is a reconstruction of history told by the African American perspective, a perspective that is often shadowed or absent in literature. Her novel presents a cruel demonstration of the horrors endured by slaves and the emotional and psychological effects it created for the African American community. It unmasks the realities of slavery, in which we are presented with the history of each of the characters lives and the memories they are trying to conceal. By looking at the suppression of memory from the members of 124, we can see Morrison creates a metaphor to the way America’s future is dependent on understanding the haunting of the past. Through an analysis of these memories and their consequences, we can comparatively relate it to our engrained past in slavery and how the former speaks for the ladder.
Iyunolu Osagie discusses Morrison’s narrative as a product in “historical mythmaking” in her review Is Morrison Also Among the Prophets?: “Psychoanalytic” Strategies in Beloved. She incorporates Du Bois’s idea of “double consciousness”, the divided identity of African Americans as the way they see themselves and the way society sees them, as a strategy Morrison incorporates to re-narrate the history of slavery (Osagie). Through this double consciousness, Morrison creates a new narrative of what slavery means to the black
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