`` Beloved `` By Toni Morrison Essay

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Distinguished African-American novelist, Toni Morrison, in her notoriously suspenseful anachronic masterpiece, Beloved, tells the story of a fugitive slave named Sethe who escaped from the Sweet Home plantation in Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio, a free state. She lives freely with her husband’s grandmother for twenty-eight days until the slave masters come to capture her. Frightened, she attempts to murder all of her children to prevent them from living a life of dehumanized servitude but only succeeds in killing one – her eldest baby girl. As time progresses, while living at 124 Bluestone Road, the baby ghost begins to haunt Sethe and her family. The purpose of the novel was to show the horrific consequences of slavery and its impact on the American environment as a whole with emphasis on black families. The novel has a melancholic tone that is best represented by the unsatisfied baby ghost in connection to the book’s epigraph “sixty million and more” (Morrison), which represents the number of African slaves who passed away during the Middle Passage.

The aim of this dissertation is to study Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS) in the main characters in Beloved with regards to ecology. Ecology is the branch of biology that observes organisms and their relationship to their environment. The theory born from ecology’s combination with literature is Ecocritical Theory. Ecocriticism (or Ecocritical Theory) is the study of the relationship between literature and the physical

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