Beloved, By Toni Morrison Essay

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After reading Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, I could not help but feel shocked and taken aback by the detailed picture of life she painted for slaves at the time in American history. The grotesque and twisted nature of life during the era of slavery in America is an opposite world from the politically correct world of 2016. Morrison did not hold back about the harsh realities of slavery. Based on a true story, Toni Morrison wrote Beloved about the life of Sethe, a slave and her family. Toni Morrison left no stone unturned when describing the impact slavery on had the life of slaves. She dove deeper than the surface level of simply elaborating on how terrible it is to be “owned” and forced to do manual labor. Morrison describes in detail, the horrors and profoundly negative impacts slavery had on family bonds, humanity of all people involved and the slaves sense of self even after they acquired their freedom. In just 3rd grade, students in United States school systems begin to learn about America’s history. Although slavery the subject is incorporated into every single history class from 3rd grade through high school. What is covered in class does change, as students get older the details of slavery become clearer and a fuller truth is told. By my senior year in history classes, we were given the full runaround of the physical tortures and atrocities committed by plantation owners to the slaves without circumventing the nastier details. I hoped I had heard the worst

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