Beloved, By Toni Morrison

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In the novel, Beloved, written by Toni Morrison, many themes and symbols played a crucial role when analyzing a variety of different characters. One specific theme that has had an everlasting effect between characters and relationships throughout the novel is the transformation of the theme thick love. The idea of love in Toni Morrison 's Beloved is a complicated subject to understand. If love wasn 't hard enough to figure out, it is made more complex through the evils of slavery during this time period and the inevitable division of families. In the novel, we see Sethe 's "unpleasant decision" take over her mind and make her question regardless of whether she was a decent mother; one who adored her kids so much she would do anything to keep from them carrying on with an existence of oppression. Book II of Morrison 's novel digs into the subjects of love, parenthood, and family through the one of a kind lenses of Sethe, Denver, and Beloved herself. This part of the book is very significant when relating the transformation of love. The monologues said by each charter show elements of love and relate the ways the characters express this theme towards each other. By giving careful consideration to the monologs Sethe, Denver, and Beloved herself, perusers perceive how every feels and shows love towards what they need to be theirs.
After reading Sethe’s monologue, we understand this concept which to a great extent concentrates on her desire to be the mother figure, but

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