Beloved Character Analysis

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In the book Beloved by Toni Morrison, themes of motherhood, family, love are shown to resemble the relationship between Sethe and her family. In the beginning of the book, it starts off with the hauntings at 124. Howard and Buglar run away, Baby Suggs dies, but before all that even happens something life changing and scary is to stick with Sethe forever. When school teacher found Sethe and her children after they had ran away, Sethe took herself and her children into a shed. She then tried killing her children so they wouldn't have to suffer in the hands of schoolteacher. Unfortunately, she was able to kill one of her children and that is why I believe Sethe’s “rough choice” was the wrong choice because she had to live with the fact that she killed her own daughter, the reason that everyone is scared of her and has no social connection with anyone and because it broke up her family.

Sethe didn’t make the right choice and instead had to live with the fact she killed her own child. In Sethe’s view, “Beloved, she my daughter. She mine.... She had to be safe and I put her where she would be. But my love was tough and she back now. I knew she would be.... I won’t never let her go.” This means that Sethe wanted what she thought was best for Beloved and for her to be safe but she also knew that killing her was wrong and she wanted her back. This demonstrates how Sethe knew she had lost her child and now that she had her back she doesn't want to let her go again. Another example
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