Beloved Character Analysis

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The story “Beloved” is developed around the decision Sethe makes when she returns to slavery and decides to murder her baby with a hacksaw. Her choice of doing such action results in the reincarnation of Beloved later on in the story with unknown intentions. When Sethe kills her child, she feels no remorse towards what she has done, due to her lack of knowledge regarding the terrible act she has committed. Sethe’s choice of killing her baby was wrong as it left her mentally suffering, was inhumane, as well led to a series of unfortunate conflicts that the characters face. In Sethe’s view, “ Not only did she have to live out her years in a house palsied by the baby's fury at having its throat cut, but those ten minutes she spent pressed up against dawn-colored stone studded with star chips, her knees wide open as the grave, were longer than life, more alive, more pulsating than the baby blood that soaked her fingers like oil.” This means that Sethe lived with the pain of knowing what she did to her baby and in order to get something written on the baby’s grave she had to pursue in a terrible act. This demonstrates that Sethe went through so much emotional and physical pain throughout her life due to her dead baby. Another example of why killing her baby was wrong is, “So Denver took her mother’s milk right along with the blood of her sister.” Morrisons point is to show that Denver as a child had to experience and be a part of Sethe’s terrible blood bath of her own daughter. This is important because no one likes the idea of a little kid being involved with something so devastating. The fact she was attached to her own sister’s blood is scarring. According to Paul D, “What kind of evil you got in here?” This exemplifies that when Paul D first stepped into 124, he sensed the death and anger within the house coming from Beloved. What is more important, the idea of Paul D having sense the evil within the house when he first walks in shows how strong the dead baby is. The choice of killing the baby left the characters in awful or important situations within the story, especially for Sethe. An example of a conflict Sethe experiences if when she says “They took my milk!” This exemplifies that milk that was for her

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