Essay on Beloved Motherhood

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Maternal figues in beloved

Baby suggs and Sethe are both the Mother figues in beloved and despite their suffering from slavery they both cared for their children greatly. Baby Suggs and Sethe connected through Motherhood to develop a close bond. They shared the love for their children a bond that all mothers can relate with. Sethe has four children that she loves very much but she could not deal with her past of sweet home. Sethe could not bare for that to happen to her children so she had to save them from the schoolteacher and slavery by trying to kill them. She kills one child whom is referred to as beloved for what is written on her tomb stone, but fails to kill howard buglar, and Denver. Sethe motherly natural instincts caused her
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Baby suggs made "124 had been a cheerful, buzzing house where Baby Suggs the house , holy, loved cautioned, fed, chastised and soothed" (Morrison 102). Baby suggs role of motherhood made the house wha is it was because of her. The role of the Mother can only be given to a single person. Baby Suggs for the original mother because of how much older she is than Sethe however as Sethe is living and caring for her children at 124 she becomes the main focus of motherhood in the novel.

Both mothers were able to communicate their feelings to the other moth and then could then find a compromise, how much they cared and loved for the children, which aided to give them a close emotional relationship. Baby suggs and sethe both experience loss making their bond stronger. Baby suggs had already lost her children to slavery except for halle. Sethe did not want this for her children especially with all the rape, torture, and dehumanization that comes with slavey. Both Sethe and Baby suggs had to deal with society rejection in their town, and are ostracized and made outcasts. Baby suggs throws a huge feast because eshe is so happy that Denver came that she doesn't even notice how extravagant the feast is. Sethe is ridiculed by the community for her act of murdering Beloved. These two acts only strengthened the bond between Sethe and Baby suggs. and both could support themselves. Both had to make
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