Beloved : Slavery And Motherhood

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Beloved: Slavery and Motherhood The novel Beloved by Toni Morrison captures punishing hardships that were endured through slavery in the 1800’s, as well as life at home. Sethe is not only a recently freed slave, but a mother struggling to guard and maintain normality for her children. In this story of manipulation and negligence, there is a war between memories of slavery, motherhood, and searching for what she hopes to be an ideal life for herself. Slavery and racism in America began solely in the 1600 's when African slaves were transported to the American Colony of Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. The African slaves were brought to America in hopes to speed up the production and distribution of crops, such as tobacco. Slavery was tremendously beneficial to the rising economy of the American Colonies, despite the abuse that the slaves had to continuously endure. Slavery was viewed as a cheap labor source instead of having indentured servants:
Around 1640, slavery was becoming the most common condition of blacks in America and fewer were accepted as indentured servants. This happened because the colonial ruling class felt that Africans had at least five advantages over white immigrant labor: they were strong, they were inexpensive, they had no government protection, there seemed to be an exhaustible supply of them, and their skin was black, so they could not blend in with the white population. (Bryant)

Bryant further explains that these “advantages” were what
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