Beloved by Toni Morrison

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Throughout history, numerous people were victims of slavery. Many people were tortured and worked to death and suffered horrifically. Not many slaves knew their mothers because they were torn from their homes. Many slave women were robbed of their innocence by their masters. Behind the face of every slave, there is always a very traumatic unforgettable story which is not something to pass on, but a lesson to remember from repeating same mistake again. Only a handful of slaves learned to read and write, and from their stories we can read the horrors they went through. Slave narratives brings these hardships to light and shed insight on the pain and suffering of slaves, narratives such as, Incidents in The Life Of A Slave Harriet Jacobs,The narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. Novels such as Beloved by Toni Morrison blend the slave narratives with fiction highlight the life after slavery and the struggle faced by former slaves to adjust their lives to freedom.
According to Paul E. Lovejoy’s ‘Freedom Narratives’ of Transatlantic Slavery, he states that ‘slave narratives’ are better described as freedom narratives. He says “the accounts being referred to were actually written by individuals who achieved their freedom or were dictated to compilers who recounted the quest for freedom”(Lovejoy,1). These narratives are either written by the people who underwent the trials of slavery or dictated to and written by another person who knew how to

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