Beloved by Toni Morrison

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In the novel "Beloved" by Toni Morrison, Morrison has created two very powerful characters: Denver and Beloved. Denver and Beloved are sisters, but in a sense, they weren't always. It used to just be Denver and her mother, Sethe, that lived together in a house. That house was passed down to them by Denver's grandmother, Baby Suggs, which was given to her by a white couple who were out to help the blacks. Sethe and Denver were very content with the way things were. Sethe had a paying job as a cook and Denver never left the house since she was terrified of the horrible "monsters" that could be lurking in the outside world. They also had a spirit that was haunting their house, which was believed to be Denver's sister that was killed as a baby. Until one day, Paul D came to the house and banished the ghost. But the ghost ended up taking human form and stayed with the family from then on. They called her Beloved. Denver had always taken a liking to the ghost, and now that she was human form she was as happy as can be. Beloved was the only friend or even company that Denver ever had growing up. Denver wanted all of Beloved's attention, but Beloved only wanted Sethe. Now that Beloved was back, they could all be a family. But Beloved becomes a threat towards the end and is becoming dangerous. Beloved was the only friend that Denver had. Denver was always too scared to leave the property because of the traumatizing experience she had the one time she went out into the world. Yes,

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