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TASK 1 1.0 Definition of Below the Line Tools The terms 'below-the-line ' promotion or communication refers to forms of non-media communication, even non-media advertising. Below-the-line promotions are becoming increasingly important within the communications mix of many companies, not only those involved in products, but also for industrial goods. For my understanding, below the line tools means that the promotion is not using the television, internet, and outdoor media (billboard) and so on. What can I say is that this tool is some sort like using the ‘old school’ advertising for example personal selling, public relation, sales promotion, direct marketing and…show more content…
Nowadays people in Malaysia misunderstood about the personal selling. They think this type of selling is cheating and lie to the customer. Sometime the product is not good as they told. It makes them think that trusting to the personal seller is the most stupid thing to do. Sometime the product is not good and doesn’t function well. It will make the customer frustrated and will tell other people to not trust to the personal seller. Not everyone can be a personal seller. Job turnover in sales is often much higher than other marketing positions. For companies that assign salespeople to handle certain customer groups (e.g., geographic territory), turnover may leave a company without representation in a customer group for an extended period of time while the company recruits and trains a replacement. 1.2 Sales Promotion Sales promotion can be defined as: Activities, materials, devices, and techniques used to supplement the advertising and marketing efforts and help coordinate the advertising with the personal selling effort. For my understanding, the sales promotion usually using the materials such as coupon, promotional discounts, contest, gift and offer to the customer. It is more using the product to give a free gift to the customer. It will influence them to buy the product with win-win situation (to the

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