Ben Carson Pros And Cons

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Carson the Chivalrous Crushes Clinton the Corrupt The 2016 Presidential Election is a promise to better our nation. Many upcoming candidates have stated their thoughts, beliefs, and plans that they believe will improve amongst what America has become. Debate after debate, campaign after campaign, and interview after interview we are left with the decision of which party and which candidate we want to elect. Ben Carson and Hillary Clinton stand strong in their beliefs, but Ben Carson is the best candidate, because he is an open Christian that stands for strong abortion restrictions and the most lax gun laws. Ben Carson has been vastly open with his Christianity throughout his campaign even stating “God gets the credit for all the things I…show more content…
Although Clinton may have meant this in a positive way, we see that her “Christian beliefs” seem to be taking a backseat in her campaign. She has also said that, “her commitment and passion flow from her faith,” so if that is any justification of how she would run a country I doubt she would be very committed or dependable (Elizabeth Dias). Many of Clinton’s choices and views on the issues, such as abortion, do not seem to be Christian based. Her faith doesn’t seem to be quite prevalent in her candidacy at all. She hides her faith, her opinions, and her plans. We do not need another liar in our White House, but instead someone we can trust and have faith…show more content…
Although background checks are already a requirement to get a gun, she believes people are finding loopholes within these laws. Making sure people with bad background checks or domestic abusers can not get their hands on guns is just one way she intends to increase gun restrictions. Despite the fact that some of her intentions may sound sincere, Clinton’s suggestions will also make it harder for innocent/good people to acquire a gun. She also supports restrictions on assault weapons. If Clinton thinks background checks keep bad people from getting guns and she has no intentions of taking away peoples second amendment rights, why is she afraid of the people in American having assault weapons? Her plans to take on the National Rifle Association will be released Monday (Sam Frizell). What could she have to say to the National Rifle Association you may ask, because they support our military and our rights as citizens? A true American supports both, and of course I, as a southerner, support the National Rifle Association and our
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