Ben Carson Research Papers

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In Gifted Hands Ben Carson becomes a successful neurosurgeon in life.I believe that these topic`s are important to succeeding in life.Some people have the qualities and are well known across the world.THINK BIG is the guide to Ben`s successful life.The three most important topic`s in Ben`s motto “THINK BIG”,talent, honesty,and knowledge. The first topic in Ben`s motto is talent.Talent is very important trait to have if you want to specialise in a specific topic.Talent is one of the qualities that Ben Carson has developed over the years in his life.The reason Ben had such a talent for neurosurgery is because he has great hand-eye coordination.In another insadint Ben relised he had a talent in Siamese Twin seperation!He had noticed this when he did his first craniopagus siamese twins surgery on the Binder boys, and was successful.In real life talent helps us sucsed in life by making our deams come true.
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