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This report is about one of the most recognized and influential figures in all of American history. He has discovered technologies, spread around unique ideas, and taken place in many historical political events. He was the leader of a unique group called the philosophes. He was one of the few men that could not only read, but could write at the same time as these abilities were not emphasized at this point and time like they are today. Many of the most significant events in American history could not have been possible without the help or involvement of this man. This report is being written about one of the men responsible for America’s success today. His name is Benjamin Franklin. This report will explain a lot of the significant events …show more content…
Something else that he led was a big scientific community in America. Through that, he educated many other people which led to them creating inventions of their own. (Schoenherr) This American Enlightenment was assisted by the increase in higher education as there were more schools being built throughout the north. Even though his words would have been more influential and helpful in later society, the society that he lived in were just not well educated enough to understand the writing of the philosophes. As mentioned earlier, he was an important political figure too. This was because of the growing popularity of his work and achievements. He was seen as a very intelligent man which led to him being appointed to the Albany Congress as a Pennsylvania delegate. He was one person who disagreed with the separation of the colonies and asked for the union of them which was agreed upon by the other delegates but later rejected by the Britain government. He was one of the many people who opposed the Stamp Act. He protested it but saw no progress in the fight against it that the colonists have started so he later requested the obedience of the Stamp Act to the colonists. This lost him a little support but it is what he thought was right. He would spend time in England throughout this crisis but would return to America ultimately to help fight for its independence. He would be appointed as the postmaster general in the Continental

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