Ben Higgins Research Paper

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Ben Higgins of The Bachelor is someone that everyone is just now getting to know, but his ex-girlfriend Shaelin Adams knows him well and now she is speaking out. Life & Style was able to get an interview with Ben's ex and she is sharing all about him, including that she doesn't think that he will ever get engaged. Shaelin even said that Ben Higgins is a "good kisser" and that he is "not bad in bed." #TheBachelor ❤️❤️ @benhiggi, @KrisJenner — The Bachelor (@BachelorABC) January 12, 2016 When talking about Ben Higgins, Shaelin Adams had a lot to say about Ben. Here is some more of what she had to share about Ben. "He’s a great dancer — I’m talking about ‘getting low’ dancing. He’s always spontaneous and…show more content…
He was insecure. The type of girl Ben likes has to be genuine, honest. That’s a big thing for him since in his first relationship, he struggled with cheating." Ben Higgins is not your typical playboy though. US Magazine actually shared that Ben Higgins is revealing a lot about himself recently and he knew this show would be a long road, but Ben got very emotional early on. Ben Higgins teased that he doesn't see himself as very smooth and that he even doesn't use a lot of pickup lines. This is not his thing at all, but whatever Ben is doing seems to be working for him just fine. Don't expect Ben to say any cheesy lines this season, unless they are fed to him by producers. Ben Higgins has just started his journey on the show and so far he is doing just fine with the ladies. Ben isn't sharing about the girlfriend that cheated on him on the past though. He may talk to the girls about this later on, but so far he hasn't shared it. Ben is still in the very early stages of his relationships on the show though. In reality, Ben is done filming but viewers have to wait to see it all play out out on the show. So far, things are looking good for
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