Ben & Jerry's : Team Development Intervention

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Ben & Jerry’s (A) : Team Development Intervention Questions 1 Team building is typically used in OD to loosen up an over-organized system that is too rigid and bureaucratic. In this case, team building was aimed at providing structure to an under-organized system. (1) In doing a diagnosis, what factors are important to consider in determining whether a company or team is over- or under- organized? A company will face a constant struggle to avoid the extremes of under-organizing and over-organizing. All service providers have a built-in tendency to get out of balance organizationally on one side or the other. In the under-organized company, its leaders struggle largely with efficiency: how to get things done. Due to inadequate…show more content…
* Managers needed to see how they were all involved in the company together and understand each other on a personal level, not just professional. * They needed to collectively commit to taking on new responsibilities and learn new methods for working together. Questions 2 Is team building a good way to launch an OD effort in this case? Other approaches? In this specific case teambuilding was a good way to launch an OD effort. By taking the managers on that retreat they were able to develop strong communication and trust skills they otherwise would not have. Those skills will help the company work better together as a whole. The retreat worked well for building teamwork and trust, but not on the practical side of business. They needed to learn how to address issues when they arise as well as

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