Ben & Jerry's Combining Social Responsibility And Business

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Ben & Jerry’s Combining Social Responsibility and Business

Introduction Ben & Jerry’s is a renowned Ice Cream company which becomes a social enterprise icon since it was founded in 1978 (Kazs, Page, 2013).And it is claimed that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the best in the world for its comfortable environment, equitable system, and being kind to its cows by Time Magazine in 1981(Dennis et al, 1998).

Ben Cohen,one of the builders of Ben & Jerry’s , proposes that it is unsubstantial for Ben & Jerry’s to merely do a business just like other companies, and it should make philanthropic contribution to society as well. This mind comes to be practical and when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Ben & Jerry’s become prominent example (Dennis et al, 1998).

In management theory, it is intractable for for-profit company to combine social responsibility and making profits meanwhile. However, Ben & Jerry’s is recognized as a model in this aspect. The company is successful in accomplishing a heightened standard of corporate social responsibility values without being overburdened by the financial necessity from practical completion of such values.

The purpose of this literature review is to evaluate the viability of combining business and Corporate Social Responsibility by examining the success and drawbacks of this combination of Ben & Jerry’s as a typical case. Although there is some criticism on Ben & Jerry’s combination of corporate social…

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