Ben Roberts-Personal Narrative

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Identically to virtually every man ever born, Ben Roberts wasn't exactly comfortable in the presence of a distraught, emotional and crying woman, and although he'd faced up to, and taken down a plethora of Russian assassins, with their Uzi machine pistols and relentless attempts to kill he and Sky, without barely a pause or hint of fear, here he was no, in the forest, with his teeth clenched as he spoke, and cosoled her, filled with nerves that he'd wrong thing, or that his compassion, sincere as it was, wouldn't appear that same way to Sky, and that he'd set her off again, or make the situation even worse. The threat to kick him in the balls was fine, even the act, though he didn't believe she meant it, as he gently spoke to her, and lifted her into his arms, as that was but was physical pain, but if she started screaming again, how the hell…show more content…
All he'd had to do was be himself, and not think about things too much! The threat to his crown jewels elicited a smile, that he attempted to keep hidden, before he entered the cabin and lay her on the sofa. She even smiled at him as she did so, and Agent Asshole felt quite proud of himself. "Well, you've been through a lot, Ms Lassiter." Still, his tone remained soft, and there was a note of admiration in his words. "Honestly, not many, if any at all would have coped with what you have, so I guess a little rest and recuperation, and possibly even some spoiling has been earned." The man arched a brow at that, after having checked out the kitchen, and peered down at her, an amused expression passing across his features, as some of her cheekiness appeared to return, and he wondered if she'd take advantage of his new found kindness. He'd be surprised if she didn't, and the look, if she managed to catch it, was to let her know that would only be allowed to happen by his
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