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Ben Silbermann, the co-founder and CEO of Pinterest, attended the Research Science Institute at MIT in 1998 according to Ben Silbermann himself. In the following year, he graduated from Roosevelt High School. In spring 2003, Ben graduated from Yale College with a degree in political science. He took a consulting job in Washington, D.C after graduating. “He began reading technology blogs and enjoyed learning about what people were building,” according to an interview. With his knowledge, he landed a job at Google. He soon left to start his own ideas and projects. Ben started his business with his app he made for the iPhone. It was Pinterest. “As a child, Silbermann enjoyed collecting things, from insects to stamps.” "What you collect…show more content…
Pinterest was founded in 2009 in an office of some sort. It was later launched as a closed beta in 2010. A few months later, it grew to have about 10,000 users. Those numbers increased when they launched the iPhone app in early March 2011. The reason Pinterest was made, according to Business Insider, was “Growing up, Ben Silbermann liked to collect things: stamps, insects, you name it.” This is what started it all. With Pinterest getting popular it allowed businesses to create pages aimed at promoting their companies online. This gained them money and also changed the way of…show more content…
His leadership style can be said to be like Douglas McGregor’s Theory Y. Theory Y, according to MindTools, “Expounds a participative style of management that is de-centralized. It assumes that employees are happy to work, are self-motivated and creative, and enjoy working with greater responsibility.” This is what he goes by. Ben Silbermann stated, “When Pinterest works well, it helps you find things that are meaningful to you. We want to build a system that helps you do that.” He believes his employee’s all share the same views and ambitious as him. This is what led him to hire employee’s that are self-motivated and ambitious and accept challenges to make the business better. Since he started Pinterest, he envisioned Pinterest being a place where you can enjoy the things you love so he believes that the business should be about loving what you are
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