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Ben vajraca
North Korean Nuclear threat Memeo

Since the 1950’s North Korea has posed as dangerous threat to The United States and its allies. With North Korea development of Nuclear arms and its consistent hostile rhetoric and actions towards the United States. With the North Korea’s development of a long range ICBM, more now than ever the United States has been put into a position where its and many of its allies national security has been put at risk. We are now put into a position in deciding how to react and move forward with these development while at the same time mitigating and preventing potential destruction and casualties. As the advisor to the president my job/goal is to provide the president with advice and
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With this these considerations in mind expanding this program would cost heavily as these programs like Stuxnet can cost hundreds of millions of dollars to develop. Furthermore this type of program does provide a guarantee of safety as we would not know of its success till an activation of the missiles and has the possibility of being comprised forcing the U.S to redevelop its program. The Second option when dealing with this threat would organizing talks among many of the world powers and countries within East Asia in order to develop a bilateral solution to dealing with Korea. At this time it is evident the North Korea’s biggest ally,China has been distancing themselves either through heavy sanctions giving the U.S a window of opportunity where China may use its influence to force change in North Korea, if not to at least working towards other nations to form a solution.This solution lends to many problematic outcomes with the first being a non-guarantee in terms of reaching an agreement which looking at previous talks would be highly probable causing immense setbacks. Additionally agreeing to bilateral talks may put the United States in a position where heavy comprise may be necessary creating an agreement that does not fulfill our agenda to the fullest and may create an imagine where the U.S is seen as a subordinate.
The final possible solution to solving this threat

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