Ben and Jerry Case

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Ben & Jerry’s – japan [pic] Case Study No. 1 Prepared for MARK 5815 International Marketing in Asia Due Thursday 1st September 2006 Ben & Jerry’s - Japan 1. Situation Audit Company Overview Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. (hereafter known as Ben & Jerry’s) is a US-based superpremium ice cream producer established in Vermont, USA in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. From humble beginnings the company gained popularity through their unique style and innovative flavours and product names. The exceptionally high butterfat content of their ice cream qualified their product as a superpremium ice cream, which placed the company in the same competitive market as Haagen-Dazs, the superpremium market leader in…show more content…
| |Per capita consumption (Litres) |0.91 |Japan is ranked 9th in a list headed by the US with | | | |7.72L, and Italy in 2nd place with 4.05L. | |Per capita expenditure (US$) |6.39 |Japan is ranked 7th in a list headed by the US with | | | |$52.86 per capita expenditure and Italy in 2nd place | | | |with $41.34. | Source: Euromonitor (1998a) Over the 5 year period from 1993 to 1997, the Japanese market experienced a slump in the artisan ice cream market, with sales falling by 15%. The decline has been attributed to a number of reasons including increased strength in retail ice cream sales; poor summer weather; and pricing pressures due to Japan’s national recession (Euromonitor, 1998a). Although the current outlook for the Japanese superpremium market appears dismal, the decline is forecasted to reverse in Japan in coming years. Japanese consumers are known for demanding high quality products with great varieties of styles and flavours (Hagen, 1999), and like all inhabitants of busy, developed cities throughout the world,

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