Benchmark Assignment : Gospel Essentials

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Benchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials Introduction Seven years ago, my daughter was a kindergartener at Peridot Lutheran Private Elementary School. Peridot Lutheran taught her the basic Bible stories like how the world was created in 7 days, the story of Noah, Abraham, Moses, and the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. During this time, I would show my daughter her baby pictures, photos of families and events since her birth. I also shared with her my husband and I’s wedding photo in which she saw herself in. This puzzled her. Maybe even confused her. She, next, leaned over to me, and whispered “mom, did you have me when you were not married to dad?” Her question through me off guard. I was stunned and did not know…show more content…
God is love. Humanity When the fall of man occurred in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve partaking in the act of eating the forbidden fruit, the nature of humans changed forever (Chapter 4, Christian In the Beginning of Wisdom). Genesis 2 speaks of the environment changing, and also the characteristics of man and woman. Now men and women had their own hardships and roles to each other. Man was now made for physical hard work, and a woman’s body changed to allow hardships during childbirth. The woman was now under the headship of her husband, which was not so in the beginning (Chapter 4, The fall). Despite the fall of humanity, man’s purpose is to find its way back to the original creation. God made a way for Human’s to restore that connection by sending his son, Jesus Christ for the atonement of humanity. When God poured himself into a man, he was the perfect lamb sacrifice. The path Jesus Christ provided was for man to confess their sins, repent, redemption, and renewal of their soul (Chapter 6, In the Beginning of Wisdom). This allows man to worship and fellowship with God. Jesus Jesus is the pivotal point of the Bible for the Christian worldview. Jesus’s coming as a savior was repeatedly foretold in the Old Testament. In Isaiah 9:6, it speaks of a baby who will be Prince of Peace. Also in Isaiah 53:3-7, it was predicted of the torture Jesus Christ which was for the atonement of our sins. Jesus’s true identify is God manifested into flesh.
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