Benchmark Assignment : Gospel Essentials Essay

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Benchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials There a lot of differing worldviews in practice today. Every person has a worldview that is shaped by their experiences, pasts, families, traditions, values, and beliefs that form the core of who they are. The Christian worldview is no exception. This worldview is formed by the beliefs and teachings of the Bible. The worldview is shaped and centered around the view of who God is, the purpose of humanity, the true identity of Jesus, the restoration of humans to God, acknowledging the strengths and weakness of the worldview, and the practicality of living out the worldview. God The first foundational aspect of the worldview is who God is. The Christian’s worldview of who God is that God is part of the Trinity. The Trinity is made up of three persons: The Father, the Son (who is fully God and man), and the Holy Spirit, but they are all one God (Diffey, 2014). Existence is possible because of God. God, “created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1, English Standard Version). God created the world and is still actively involved in it because, “If God’s creative activity is needed to account for the first existence of the world, there is every reason to think that it would be needed to account for the world’s persistence” (McCann, 2012, p. 24). God did not create the world and leave it because, “God’s act of creation is an act of the purest sort” (Dodds & Dodds, 2011, p. 210). God’s love goes hand in hand with God’s wisdom. Wisdom is a
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