Benchmark Training Case Study

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Benchmark Training
Motion by Mrs. Taylor; support by Mrs. Pasko to approve Benchmark Training for Assessment Systems 1 and 2 from Heinemann Professional Development. The total cost for this training will not exceed $7,200.00. Remaining funds carried over from the 2016-2017 Early Literacy Grant will cover the cost of $3,600.00 for the K-2 Benchmark Training and remaining funds carried over from the 2016-2017 Title II, Part A grant will cover the cost of $3,600.00 for the 3-8 grade Benchmark Training in accordance with allowable expenditure guidelines for use of federal funds for teacher professional development.
Discussion: The district has received the Early Literacy Grant from the state of Michigan for the past two years; this type of endeavor would not be possible
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The title company is still searching for the deed.

Dreambox and reading challenges continue. Students and parents are very proud when they come to the administration building to collect their prize.

SLA started on Monday with a great turnout and more students registered today! Enthusiasm from staff and students was felt throughout the building. In working with Speckled Frog, every student receives breakfast and lunch through Sodexo.

Mrs. Everly invited everyone to the bicentennial celebration this Friday at 9:00 a.m. in front of the Monroe County Courthouse. There are a variety of special events planned. A vocal ensemble from Monroe High School will perform.

Summer projects are moving forward, but rain has caused delays in a few of them. Mr. Oley noted that contractors will work on the weekends if it becomes necessary. Old Business
Mrs. Everly noted the shift in our hockey team because of the ice arena closing in Monroe. Dr. Ray researched facilities and found the best practice location is at the ice arena in Brownstown. With parent permission, students will transport themselves to Brownstown for
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