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Benchmark Assignment Mission and Vision Statement As an educator, I will incorporate the use of technology in the daily teaching of secondary math principles that will afford my students the opportunity to develop, strengthen, and improve their critical thinking and computation skills; preparing the students of today for the competitive work-world of tomorrow - a work-world that will undoubtedly require the technological skills and expertise that my students received having been in my class. As 21st Century learners, students in my math classes will not only learn formulas for solving math problems, but they will also learn how to find those formulas and develop critical thinking and problem solving strategies using technology made…show more content…
Two important aspects of using technology in the classroom to promote learning are included in our text. They are: “The Web will become an integral part of education, revolutionizing the way students learn core subjects” and “The way we interact will change based on a new Web technology called telepresence systems, which bring people together to interact and collaborate whether they are physically across the street or across the globe” (Shelley, Gunter & Gunter, 2008). Knowing that many students struggle with learning math, and struggle with understanding why it is important for them to develop sound math skills, I will be working in collaboration with another math teacher (at a different school either in state or out of state) tracking the Stock Market for a period of three months. The students from both classes with be separated into groups of 4-5 students (2-3 from each school in each group) and they, as a group, will communicate with each other using VOIP in the way of Skype and/or OooVoo, group websites they will have created, and through emails (outside of class communication for homework/personal use). It has been proven time and time again that students working together enable them to, “extend their interaction and learning outside of classroom. Busy schedules and commuting students often make group work difficult to coordinate.
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