Benchmarking In Healthcare Organizations

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Benchmarking is a powerful tool used to promote continuous improvement of an organization. It enables the decision-makers to realize how much improvement is required to achieve satisfactory performance. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) has defined benchmarking as “a measurement tool for monitoring the impact of governance, management and clinical and logistical functions” (as cited in Ettorchi-Tardy, Levif & Michel, 2012). There are four different kinds of benchmarking: internal, external or competitive, functional and generic or best practice. Also, there are several benefits of using benchmarking within healthcare organizations such as improving the quality of patient care, encouraging accountability among providers, improving productivity, yielding greater efficiency, meeting accreditation requirements, etc.

A key operational challenge in most healthcare organizations is the efficient movement of patients in a hospital or a clinic, which is referred to as the
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Benchmarking might help in evaluating the standards attained by the competitors, but it does not examine the circumstances or factors (such as optimization strategies used by the competitive hospitals in improving the efficiencies of patient movement) under which the competitors attained those standards. In addition, after achieving desirable outcomes or excelling beyond the competitor’s standards, many organizations develop an audacity which can impair the organization’s future growth (Nayab, 2010). Further, benchmarking can factor into financial matters by identifying the actual discrepancies between the internal and external performances. Also, it can help in facilitating the distribution of resources and justifying the budget ratios within individual units and
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