Benchmarking: Value Chain Analysis Of Lafarge Tarmac

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Benchmarking Audit Benchmarking is an approach which organisation or unit choose to use in order to measure their position and performance level against the performance of similar processes to other organisation. The importance of benchmarking is that it can show where the organisation weaknesses are, which area they can improve, finding new and different ways to do things, by developing new strategies for improvement. Benchmarking also show where the strengths are and how to maintain them. The main reason for benchmarking is for organisation to learn how to improve their business process, in order to increase their competitiveness. Lafarge Tarmac Lafarge tarmac choose Reliance Protect, this provide a more safer protection for lone operatives.…show more content…
Value Chain Analysis Value chain analysis is a useful tool which help the organisation to find ways to create maximum value for customers. Value chain analysis is an important business tool because by creating more value customers are encourage to pay good price for product and it will keep customers coming back to buy more products. Before the value chain analysis of Lafarge tarmac can be complete the activities of Lafarge tarmac need to be analyzed. And them evaluate the value for each step of the production process as if it reach its maximum potential. After examining the activities process the manager need to ensure that the changes identify will be beneficial to the company. The value chain analysis of Lafarge Tarmac are given the primarily function and supportive function after putting together all values in Lafarge tarmac the margin is added for the company and the customers are given the value. Inbound logistics This refer to the raw material used by Lafarge tarmac which are ton of limestone and ton of cement. The company use it own trucks to transport raw materials. Limestone and clay are the raw materials that are required to manufacture

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