Benedick’s Change of Heart by the End of Act 2 Scene 3 of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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Benedick’s Change of Heart by the End of Act 2 Scene 3 of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

‘Much ado about nothing’ is one of William Shakespeare’s popular
comedy plays. With regards to the title of the play, the word
‘nothing’ in the title suggests it links with how characters in the
play create so much bother about nothing. Speculation has occurred
among people over the word ‘nothing’ in the play’s title. The word
‘nothing’ has a double meaning. Noting and nothing sounded identical
in Shakespeare’s time. ‘Noting’ and ‘nothing’ is spoken a lot of in
the play. ‘Noting’ (observing, overhearing) in the play may refer to
the importance of how characters perceive one another and how
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several characters within the play
help convince everyone Hero is dead to prove she was not unfaithful.

During the time in which this play was written men dominated society.
Men were in superior to women and believed a wife should submit to her
husband. The play would have been acted out by men and it was not
until the 19th century that women had a role in theatre. Women were
property to be bought by men or used as prostitutes. Women did not
speak up; any that did were branded a shrew and needed taming.
Virginity was a virtue, therefore it was demanded a bride should be a
virgin and once a wife, should be faithful.

Shakespeare explores these men’s attitudes to the place of women in
society and incorporates his own opinions on the matter throughout the

Performances of the play would have been held at the Globe Theatre in
London. Performances would be entertainment for the public and may
have lasted for up to three hours so therefore it was important for
music to be played at intervals and parts of the play was spoken in
prose. Different class of people would have visited the theatre,
ranging from the poor that would watch from the ‘yard’ at the front of
the stage, to the rich that would make them selves seen by sitting
directly above the stage.

In regards to the essay question I will be looking at how the views
of the…