Who Is Benedict Arnold A Traitor

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Desiring recognition and the feeling of pride brings a fullness in life so if you were to not being given the proper recognition, if you were utterly ignored, if you were tossed aside and others received credit for your very own work, is if you were faced to choose between taking the high road and becoming a better human being or would you act out in vengeance? Benedict Arnold’s historical acclaim is often associated with the traitor activity, by examining the experiences with Arnold, Americans are able to appreciate his leadership prior to his betrayal; his character is really revealed through his past and all that he accomplished for his beloved country. Benedict Arnold sacrificed a lot for the greater good of the American people. Arnold is not given recognition for all of the victories that he had been involved in and at a time during a promotion he gets passed up by low ranking, less talented, less dedicated men than himself. “Major General Horatio Gates took credit for the victory. As if that weren’t enough of an insult, Congress had promoted five officers-all Arnold’s juniors and most far less talented-over him. Even back then politics was part of the equation as Congress ignored Washington's consistent backing and praise for Arnold, whom he admired as a fierce soldier.” (Beck 105). Also, “Benedict Arnold was a hero before he turned traitor. And just how he turned is a complicated story. Arnold made his name in upstate New York, fighting for control of a chain of
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