Benedict Arnold Essay

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Benedict Arnold was a Revolutionary Hero that had a big affect on winning the war. He had boosted many of the soldiers moral during the war with his successful raids. Moral could be considered a reason for the Americans winning the war because it kept them going through there up and downs. To begin my essay, I’ll start it with a brief summary on Arnold, so the reader will understand who he really was. Benedict Arnold was born on January 14,1741 in Norwich, Connecticut. His ancestors William Arnold and his family who left England because of religious persecution were the first Arnold's in New England. Arnold's family background was well respected and was know to have some wealth. Arnold received his education at Canterbury.…show more content…
Arnold was a brilliant leader in the continental army, leading to many victories for the United States. His uncommon bravery had really showed a great impression on all the soldiers, boosting their morals even more. ”Arnold dedicated himself to the Revolutionary cause, sacrificing family life, health, and financial well-being for a conflict that left him physically crippled, sullied by false accusations, and profoundly alienated from the American cause of liberty.” Arnold can be considered one of the best American Generals during the fight for independence. He was very well known for that and respected. Though congress would never give him his deserved promotions. Now as we learn about Arnold, we are never taught of what he did but instead of his treasury. Arnold really didn’t turn on his country but the country had turned on him for not noticing his great achievements for the fight for independence. The only honor that was rewarded to Arnold was the “Boot monument” where he had fought the Battle of Saratoga. He wasn’t rewarded for his great accomplishment but just rewarded for a wounded leg. Congress though had never motivated Arnold and always picked on him. Arnold was simple; he was a man with great honor who fought for independence and to keep his family name respected. Arnolds father was arrested for over drinking according to Jim Murphy, and his family name had lost much respect. So Arnold a confident, and strong man devoted his life to gain much of
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