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Known for his betrayl against the Continental Army, Benedict Arnold is most remembered for becoming a turncoat during the Revolutionary War. But, before switiching sides Benedict was a strong military leader and an excellent soldier. And, on both sides of the war, Benedict had great victories. Through his patriotic and traitorous acts, Benedict Arnold helped shape the course of the American Revolution. In 1775, Benedict Arnold had taken his first victory-Fort Ticonderoga. The Battle of the fort occured on May 10, 1775. Arnold and four-hundred soldiers stood opposite of the fort on Lake Champlain and waited for the scouting units to return (CIA). When they had returned, they told Benedict that the fort had only housed fourty-nine British…show more content…
They also had to deal with terrible terrian, rough waters, and a hurricane. Through their stay more desertions occured and the amount of soldiers decreased from 1,100 to a mere 400. They had decided to retreat. (Maine) Short on rations, the main forces crossed the current boarder of Canada on October 25th and traveled down Chaudiere River. The group reached the opposite end of Quebec, Point Levis, on Novemeber 9th. On the 14th Arnold crossed St.Lawerence River with the remaining forces. The battle of Quebec occured on December 31st and the Continental Army became a disasterous for the Americans. Though they kept the city during the winter, the campiange in Canada failed. The British took the city and the army fell back (Maine ) Two years later, Benedict had one of his greatest achievements. The Battle of Saratoga was the turning poin tof the American Revolution and with Benedict's aid he had helped make the victory possible. On September 19th, Arnold had persistantly asked his commanding officer,Horatio Gates,into sending a group of riflemen into the west woods around Freeman's farm. Gates had given Benedict his permission and Benedict eagarly sent out some of the best riflemen in that area. (General) Conflict had eruppted between Horatio and Benedict, causing Benedict to almost leave. But, due to his want of being in the battle and a petition signed by most of the line officers, Benedict stayed. And as the

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