Benedict Arnold Motivation

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Benedict Arnold, “the most recognized name in American History 101” (Kullman, 2015), has become tantamount with the word traitor. Nowadays, Benedict Arnold has become infamous for his treacherous plot of giving West Point to the Redcoats, but I like to believe that most people overlook his paramount embroilment in the early stages of the Revolutionary War and the reasons that he decided to betray the United States. Arnold’s decision wasn’t one dimensional. In other words, many factors were prevalent during the time of his attempt at treason that could have tipped him into the idea of betraying America.
Born on January 14, 1741 in Norwich, Connecticut, Benedict Arnold appeared to most as an interesting figure. According to Notable Biographies (n.d.), “Arnold was a risk-taker who looked for outlets for his energetic and impulsive (taking action before thinking things through) nature. He volunteered for the French and Indian War (1754–63), a war fought between France and England in America for control of the colonial lands, but at eighteen he deserted in order to be with his mother, who was dying.” Arnold’s impulsive behavior and his aptitude for war continued to be prevalent in his life, but one thing that haunted his childhood would have to be death, seeing that three of his siblings and both his parents died. Arnold’s mother passed away in 1759. Secondly, Arnold’s father “proved to be a drunkard; only after [Benedict Arnold] moved to New Haven could he begin to free himself
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