Benedict Arnold: Traitor or Hero Essay

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Benedict Arnold: traitor or hero

The average kid grows up learning that Benedict Arnold is known as the one of the greatest leaders of all times. He was a well-respected general but yet congress would not acknowledge him for his heroism. Displaying this betray towards the once loved general was shown at freeman's farm, the once place Benedict Arnold fought in the great Saratoga battle. There the famous boot monument stands displaying not only Arnold's heroism but treason as well. The "boot monument” tells the story of his wounded left leg during the great Saratoga battle. On the contrary, the monument does not display his name. This factor is because of his recorded history of treason. It is clearly shown that the monument represents
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Arnold started his new life off by traveling to Europe and buying supplies for his own apothecary which he established in New Haven with his sister Hannah. He later married Margaret Mansfield who bored three sons. Benedict Arnold Began his military leadership by becoming Captain in the Governor's Second Company of Guards in 1775. No one knows for sure why he decided to betray his country, was it for selfish reasoning of was it something deeper than that?

Those who agree that benedict Arnold was a traitor have many reasoning’s to. He had been supposed to be a great commander that would die for his country and in the end, turned his back on his country. He agreed to surrender the west point post to the British commander Sir Henry Clinton. In fact, the moment Arnold had control of west point he began to collect data of the fortresses weakness. In August 1780, the British offered Arnold 20,000 to turn over west point. Soon after this, Arnold's accomplice john Andre was caught and with him the plans for the capturing of the fort. In those plans, benedicts name was included and Washington was notified. Washington's reaction was
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